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Welcome to our website. Snarfari is the home to both power boating and sailing enthusiasts. Our clubhouse and marina is situated in Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland in Elliðaárvogur, next to the famous salmon river Elliðaá. We have about 150 berths for boats up to max 15 m. We are the largest boat club in Iceland with 320 members (2017). Members pay an annual fee to belong and boat owners are also expected to perform two volunteer night shift at the club each year for security reasons. New members pay a one-time initiation fee. We are a private, not-for-profit organization and are run by an elected Executive Committee.

Visiting yachts please let us know in advance if you are planning to visit.
Although the he Club welcomes all  visitors there are no free berths available at the moment. It is possible to keep yachts for few day at least at the service pier(  or at one of the berths) if it is free for a daily fee of 20 euros. Included is access to clubhouse, restroom, water, wifi and electricity. Our email is  We would then inform you if it is possible or not. Snarfari is buying a 20t slipway trailer and it should be in service spring 2018.

It is also possible to keep visiting yachts on land at the marina for a longer or shorter period of time (over winter-sole risk of owner).  Please note that the approach to the harbor is narrow and shallow at low tide, so please take care when arriving.  It is safest for strangers to these waters to arrive and leave on high tide.

No insurance is carried by Snarfari Marina,on customer owned boats or other property.
Dockage therefore, is accepted at the sole risk of the owner as for any other service they use at Snarfari as for slipway trailer, slipway , stands, cradles or whatever. Each Tenant is responsible for damages he or his guests may cause to other boats in the Marina or to any structures of the facilities,


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